Monday, September 29, 2008

Lunch Date with Matt and Bethany

I missed my recent 10 year high school reunion, but my good friend Bethany was in Salem for a few days so I met up with her and her husband Matt for lunch. Matt actually went to high school in Keizer with Rob. I tell you it is a small world. When Rob and I were dating we were talking about going to a wedding the following weekend...thinking they were different weddings, but it turns out it was Matt and Bethany's. We didn't really spend any time apart after that! Bethany is pregnant and due at the end of March! Robby will have another friend to play with. I told them I think it is a girl...I might have to wait a while to find out.
Robby kept eating lemons and then wiping his tongue rapidly to get the sour off. I think he was trying to show off for his new audience.

4th of July Camping Trip

Rob and I met at Detroit Lake camping off of Breitenbush Rd. It is an annual trip(s) to head up there to camp with some of our friends. We didn't get a chance to go last year because Robby was so new and since we don't camp in regulated areas, but we tried it out this year and it wasn't bad at'll see from the pictures we had a "pet" fence set up and he actually preferred being in there. Our friends the Heimerdinger's, Thomas', and Jaime White and his girlfriend Christy (sp?) camped with us.

My guys!
Addison Almero joined us for a little while...they liked the fenced in area for a little while.
Dude..I think this kid is half monkey!
The little monkey all worn out. I loved this area...I think the adults liked hanging out in there more.
My guys this pic! Atticus Heimerdinger...he was such a trooper. He also was mezmerized by the fire like his dad. I want to say he was a little over 5 months here.
Climbing out of our camping bed. We slept in the back of the truck. It was quite cozy.
We went to watch fireworks late so the next morning he jabbered and pointed to the sky for 20 minutes before Rob finally had to tell me he was telling me about the fireworks. Video to come of this later.
Right before we left I let him pretend to roast a marshmallow. He was always sleeping when we did it late at night. That smile is sheer happiness!

Around the house

Robby got this ugly doll which we call his "monster" from the Fergusons for his birthday and we were surprised he took to it so much. He dances, rocks, kisses and cuddles him. I thought this pic was cute of him settling in a few nights ago watching Pooh while daddy watched football on the big screen. Thank you Ferguson Family!

Tonight I gave Robby a bath in the sink. I don't know why it just sounded like fun! Looking at the pics...his hair is getting so long.

Clean boy trying to convince mom to play ball instead of going to bed!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Four generations!

So Robby is the 4th Robert Thorn in the familly. They all have different middle names, but is it very special that they all share the same first names. Robby's middle name is Frederick. Which my dad is Fred and my brother is Erick. Rob also has a few Erick's (spelled the same) in his family.

I think Robby might be 1 week, maybe 2 here.
This was taken at an anniversary party for Rob's aunt and uncle. I did some touching up to this one...I just liked it because is was candid. Great Grandpa kept wanting to play with Robby and not look at the camera. I thought it turned out cute.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Visiting G-pa and G-ma Trachsel

We had a visit at Grandpa and Grandma Trachsel's house today up in Troutdale. They have some animals and fun tractors to test out. We even got some cousin Cohen play time in. My mom watches Cohen full time so he wasn't appreciating sharing the tractor seat with Robby.

This is the cutest sad face ever. "Please get this crazy kid off my tractor Aunt Jen."
Ha Ha turn...I wonder what this does?
Now I'm a happy boy.
Crazy eyed cows and goat
Reading with grandma
Robby reading to Cohen...daka-daka-daka-da

Robby- "Hang on...I'm going to start this baby up!"
Cohen- "Are you sure you know what your doing?"
"Hey wait...this thing doesn't have a horn!"
Giant goat


We have season tickets down at OSU and yesterday we definitely got our moneys worth. We got down just after noon and spent the whole day with luckily no rain. It was almost a perfect weather day. Cloudy, but not too cold. Robby and I made it on channel 6 news before the game doing the touchtown sign. I was yelling "Touchdown Beavers!" It took a few tries due to a little camera shyness, but we pulled it off. The ESPN crew did a lot of their pre-game taping right next door to our tailgate. Anyways unless you live in a hole you know how the game turned out and it was really cool to be there! The energy in the stadium was constant through the whole game. Enjoy the many pics and GO BEAVS!
Sleeping boy during setup of the tailgate.
Happy fam after setup. Possible Christmas pic?

hmmmm...why does everyone keep getting in this thing.

All I keep finding is the cold ice!

Baby Jackson enjoying some Cheerios.

Robby showing him where the "goods" are.

G-ma and G-pa with the grandkids.

Cousin Emily...Robby gets to spend the games with her in her apartment across the street. The boys are so lucky to have her spend time with them. Emily is Rob's cousin and also Robby's godmother. Aunt Cindy even made the trip down from Salem to spend time with the boys.



Protecting the goal just looks funny huh.

This is how we all feel today:)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Going Back to June

Since I missed so much time I can't obviously catch up on all of it, but I wanted to share some pics from the summer...starting with Robby's first birthday. At daycare he had a big colorful farm animal party. He really gets spoiled there as you can see from the pictures. At our house he had a pirate party. I especially had fun making the cupcakes!

Isn't that the coolest backyard? She recently had a Burger King playground transported and set up. There is also an inground trampoline and lots of room to play.

Party at our house

I loved making these pirate faces and treasure trails. It took forever though. I wonder if I can out do it next year.
The birthday boy and mom.

Grandpa Trachsel making use of the bouncy sides of the bouncy house. One of our friends Ryan brought that over. It comes in handy at parties with lots of kids! That picture was taken through the netting. I thought it turned out cool.

Grandpa and Grandma Trachsel helping Robby and Cohen (my Nephew) slide. Cousin Luke is watching in the middle there! Robby in his second outfit trying a Keizer baseball hat on for size.
Robby and mom again.