Saturday, December 6, 2008

My poor sick boy

I have wanted to strangle the nurses at the pediatric office that we take Robby to the last couple of days. He had been diagnosed with croup on Wednesday, put on steroids and was only getting worse. Thursday is when the fever began and he can barely breath while sleeping not to mention coughing to the point of almost throwing up. I was on the phone with the nurses trying to explain that the steroids were not working and something wasn't right and we probably needed antibiotics. I was continually told that there is nothing to do for croup except hot steamy rooms, corn syrup for his throat and humidifiers. They acted like I was a crazed mom demanding antibiotics and told me the doctor was concerned about them causing diarhea and antibiotic resistance. I finally just said that I wanted to be seen again. I was so nervous going in because I had been calling for two days with no answers and I was sure that the doctor was just going to tell us the same stuff and think I was just a bossy mom.
Well I left feeling very vindicated. Robby has double full blown ear infections plus a sinus infection on top of the croup. They gave him a shot of heavy duty antibiotics at the office and we will pick up the prescription for the rest of the week later. Boy did I feel so much better knowing that I wasn't crazy and now we are on the path to fixing it. The doctor even said he was thinking about it all night wondering why he was getting worse and he was really glad that I demanded to be seen because mom always knows best.
On top of all of this we leave on our cruise on next Sunday the 14th so I didn't want to take a sick child on the plane and ship. Hopefully the antibiotics work and he starts feeling better soon. I hate seeing my little boy sick. I wanted to find the nurse that kept putting me off on the phone and acting like I was crazy and just give her a little smile.(and maybe a few choice words)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I just saved a bunch of money...

You heard me correctly...Oregon State just saved me a bunch of money on a road trip to Pasadena by losing the Civil War. I guess that is one way of looking at it right? Sadly I just cancelled my reservations at the Best Western in Pasadena. Maybe next year right...or maybe within the next 44 years at least!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Civil War Prep

Oregon State and Oregon have their rival game tomorrow. We are getting geared up for the big day. It should be a fun one. I made some cookies and some veggie pizza (color sorted of course). Thanks for the recipe Tiff:) Now I'm off to get some much needed sleep since I have a cold that has been holding on for waaaayyyy too long. GO BEAVS!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Pics with cousin Cohen

The leaves this year have been so vibrant I was so happy that the weather cooperated on Halloween so I could snap some pics of the boys. Poor Cohen was having a little seperation anxiety from Grandma. Good thing he is still adorable with that sad look on his face...I got some good ones of him by himself:)


Sorry for the delay! My little pirate has arrived.
We spent the day getting up early and stopping at daycare and Dad's work before heading up to G-pa and G-ma Trachsel's house to hang out for the day. I couldn't help showing off this awesome pirate costume. Props to Old Navy for some great craftsmanship and reasonable price. We then headed home to re-group before trick or treating at G-pa and G-ma Thorn's house. Then off to our friend Brian's house for some halloween festivities!

Yo Ho Ho and some string cheese?
Robby is so lucky to have such good little friends like Mason!
Candy HO!
Open! Open! Open!

Our baby isn't a baby anymore:(

Sunday, October 26, 2008

One more!

Mom and her tired boy!
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The Thorns

Nice to be Home!

We're back from the beach! It was nice to be away, but so nice to be home and see our boy. We missed him, but it really was nice to spend some time with each other. The beach was beautiful, but we didn't take any pictures...also nice to not have a camera attached to me.

Tonight we went over to our friends the Heimerdinger's for our annual pumpkin carving party. They have a really neat older home and last year we carved in the basement which was very authentic for scary movies and halloween atmosphere. This year for child proofing purposes we carved in their unfinished bedroom. A lot less for the kids to get into:) Their house is coming along great. I'm not a remodeling is amazing what they have accomplished, but I would go crazy. Here are pics from that... Atticus was enthralled with Robby all night...or maybe it was his cookie?

Robby kept stealing cookies off the table...CAUGHT! At least he likes mom's homemade sugar cookies!

Jason was trying to get Robby to play in the "guts." It scared him more than anything

Did I mention it scared him?

Here's the top dad.

Mom scooped, dad carved...what a team! Don't you love Robby's pirate pumpkin?

Cute Atticus...he's grown sooo much since we saw him this summer.

Robby didn't want to share a square inch of his was definitely bedtime!

The finished products.