Sunday, October 26, 2008

Nice to be Home!

We're back from the beach! It was nice to be away, but so nice to be home and see our boy. We missed him, but it really was nice to spend some time with each other. The beach was beautiful, but we didn't take any pictures...also nice to not have a camera attached to me.

Tonight we went over to our friends the Heimerdinger's for our annual pumpkin carving party. They have a really neat older home and last year we carved in the basement which was very authentic for scary movies and halloween atmosphere. This year for child proofing purposes we carved in their unfinished bedroom. A lot less for the kids to get into:) Their house is coming along great. I'm not a remodeling is amazing what they have accomplished, but I would go crazy. Here are pics from that... Atticus was enthralled with Robby all night...or maybe it was his cookie?

Robby kept stealing cookies off the table...CAUGHT! At least he likes mom's homemade sugar cookies!

Jason was trying to get Robby to play in the "guts." It scared him more than anything

Did I mention it scared him?

Here's the top dad.

Mom scooped, dad carved...what a team! Don't you love Robby's pirate pumpkin?

Cute Atticus...he's grown sooo much since we saw him this summer.

Robby didn't want to share a square inch of his was definitely bedtime!

The finished products.



Rebecca B said...

How cute is your son!?! Love that t-shirt too :)